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Discover our specialized genetic testing services tailored for Western immigration needs and peace of mind, supported by our extensive sample network across Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Expert DNA Testing Services for Immigration

Tailored Genetic Testing Solutions

Our DNA testing services are designed to meet Western immigration standards with precision and reliability. Trust us for accurate results and kinship verification.


Our immigration DNA testing service is meticulously designed to meet the requirements of Western immigration authorities, ensuring thorough accuracy and compliance with peace of mind in mind.

Peace of Mind

Kinship verification is a crucial service we offer, ensuring accurate results for family reunification and other kinship verification purposes, supported by our extensive DNA sample network.

Kinship Verification

Our peace of mind DNA testing services provide individuals with reassurance and confidence by delivering accurate results tailored specifically to their needs and concerns.


Our immigration DNA testing services cater to the specific requirements of Western immigration processes, providing accurate results and documentation for successful immigration applications.

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Our Unique Value Proposition

Accredited Labs

Our expert genetic analysis provides detailed and accurate results tailored to meet Western immigration requirements, ensuring a smooth immigration process for our clients.

Customized Testing

Partnering with top accredited labs in the US and UK, we guarantee the highest standard of genetic testing and reliable results for peace of mind.

Global Network

Specializing in genetic testing for immigration purposes, our services offer unparalleled accuracy, compliance, and efficiency to meet immigration requirements.

Specialized Expertise

Our vast DNA sample network in Afghanistan and Pakistan enables us to deliver accurate kinship verification results with confidence and precision.

Expert Genetic Analysis

With expert genetic analysis, we provide customized genetic testing services that meet and exceed Western immigration requirements, ensuring a hassle-free process.

Global DNA Sample Network

Our global DNA sample network spanning Afghanistan and Pakistan guarantees precise and reliable results, making us the trusted choice for DNA testing needs.

Clients Speak Out


Afghan DNA Lab’s service was efficient and accurate, making my immigration process smooth and hassle-free.

David Smith

I am grateful for the precise and quick results provided by Afghan DNA Lab, which helped settle a family matter.

Sarah Johnson

The professionalism and reliability of Afghan DNA Lab are exceptional, delivering results that exceeded my expectations.

Emily Brown

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