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Discover your ancestry and familial connections with our advanced DNA testing services tailored for immigration needs. Partnering with top labs, we ensure precise results.

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Specialized DNA testing for Western immigration requirements, backed by accredited US and UK labs.

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Ensure accurate results and establish familial relationships with our comprehensive DNA testing services.

Kinship Verification

Verify relationships and establish connections with relatives through our extensive DNA sample network covering Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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Uncover your ancestry with our specialized DNA testing services tailored for Western immigration needs.

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About Afghan DNA Lab

Afghan DNA Lab is the leading provider of DNA testing services for Western immigration requirements, offering accurate results through our extensive sample network in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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Afghan DNA Lab’s service was efficient and accurate, making my immigration process smooth and hassle-free.

David Smith

I am grateful for the precise and quick results provided by Afghan DNA Lab, which helped settle a family matter.

Sarah Johnson

The professionalism and reliability of Afghan DNA Lab are exceptional, delivering results that exceeded my expectations.

Emily Brown

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